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We’re thrilled to have a variety of local St. Louis restaurants at the Biz Dash!

Food vendors will be out on 20th Street, and participants can redeem by food voucher or use a credit card to purchase (no cash accepted).

Beverages will also be available for purchase at satellite bars throughout the Spire Team Village. Beer, seltzer and non-alcoholic drinks will be offered at all beverage locations. Wine and canned cocktails will also be available at the concession stand attached to Centene Stadium in Lou Fusz Plaza.



Team captains can pick-up food vouchers (worth $10 + tax) the night of the event at the Food & Beverage Check-In Tent (located at the corner of 20th Street & Chestnut). Team members can redeem at any of the food vendors listed below.

Teams that pre-ordered beverages will have them delivered in a cooler to your company tent or meeting space when the Spire Team Village opens at 5pm.




  • Deadline to pre-order was Monday, September 12 by 5pm.
  • All food vouchers and beverages will have tax and a service fee added to listed price.
  • All food vouchers will need to be picked up the night of the Biz Dash at the Food & Beverage Check-In tent.
    • If you need to purchase additional food vouchers or beverages after the deadline (September 12), team captains can go to the Food & Beverage Check-In Tent the night of the event to process the order on-site.
  • Vouchers cannot be returned.
  • Personal food, beverages and coolers will not be permitted in the Spire Team Village. 
  • For questions, please contact Carly Hansen at

*Food menu is subject to change.


Food Menu


2 BBQ Sliders & Chips
Pulled pork on a bun
with potato chips
Bottled water included


Protein Bowl
Noodles, vegetables,
topped with grilled chicken
Peanut and Vietnamese vinaigrette
packets available
Bottled water included

Vegan option also available
*Chicken can be removed


Burger, Veggie Burger or Mac & Cheese
Beef patty or veggie burger patty on bun
with lettuce, tomato, onion
Mac & Cheese (entrée , not side dish)
Bottled water included


4.5″ Sandwich & Chips
Hot salami on white bread with
pepper jack cheese, pepperoncini and onion.
Plain sandwich (meat and cheese only) also available.
Mustard & mayonnaise packets included.
Bottled water included


Chicago Dog & Chips
All beef hot dog on a bun
topped with mustard, relish, onion,
pickle, celery salt & tomato wedge
Bottled water included


Beverage Menu


$20 Anheuser-Busch Buckets
5 Count
| 12 oz. aluminum cans
Bud Light, Bud Select or Budweiser


$25 Premium Buckets
5 Count
| 12 oz. aluminum cans
Bud Light Seltzer (cans) or Michelob Ultra


$80 Anheuser-Busch Case
20 Count | 12 oz. aluminum cans
Bud Light, Bud Select or Budweiser


$100 Premium Case
20 Count
| 12 oz. aluminum cans
Bud Light Seltzer or Michelob Ultra


$25 Bottled Water Case
24 count
| 16.9 oz. plastic bottles


Additional Options


Individual cans will be available for purchase (credit card only) at the stands throughout Lou Fusz Plaza and Aloe Plaza.

  • Beer and seltzers will be available at all satellite bars and concession stands throughout the village.
  • Wine and canned cocktails will be available at the Lou Fusz Plaza concession stand attached to the stadium.


  • The menu items above will be available for purchase (via credit card) for individuals or teams that do not pre-order vouchers.



Bananas and water will be available to participants near the finish line after the race. Additionally, all participants can redeem the tear-tag on their race bib for a complimentary post-race beverage.


Pre-Order Food Vouchers or Beverages

Pre-ordering has closed. The deadline was Monday, September 12.


A Levy representative from Centene Stadium will follow up to confirm your order and process payment. All payments must be received 7 days prior to the event (by Sept 15).




Spire Team Village
Featuring company team tents, music, food and beverage stands, tailgate games and more, join the party in the Spire Team Village! Located in Lou Fusz Plaza and Aloe Plaza, it’ll be the place to be!

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